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Who or What is "Trish"?
Good question!
Now – that’s me - Patricia Loesch -  singer.
After a long time of thinking about a conclusion that would make it possible
to bring the different projects together - into which one as a singer is entangled -
we created this site.
Since the musicians often change within such projects (because they also have
different projects) it was kind of difficult to create a personalized homepage.
So we took the smallest (160cm) common size
et voila we've got

"  ...featuring Trish  "

The musicians - just to name some of them: :

Oliver Weisrock (piano)
Marco Bruckdorfer (drums)
David Meisenzahl (drums)
Wolfgang Ritter (bass)
Jens Weis (bass)
Michael Mederer (sax)
Thomas Sassenroth (posaune)
Thomas Duffner (gitarre)